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VIPER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP #14   By Glenn Backus, Matthew Gutermuth, D.G. Hague and Monica Woo 6 minute read   Despite its devastating impact on the U.S. economy, COVID-19 has bolstered the revenue growth of grocery retailers selling essential products. Based…

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Labor Shifts Due to Coronavirus

VIPER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP #12 By Diane Ellis, Gerri Kies and Monica Woo 8 minute read   COVID-19 has a devastating impact on retail. Over 1.9 million workers in the sector are unemployed or furloughed[1]. After noticing a heart-warming post on…

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Leading From the Front

VIPER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP #10 INTERVIEW WITH D.G. HAGUE, VIPER EA LLC CEO & PRESIDENT   By Monica Woo Five minute read Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with D.G. Hague, CEO and President of VIPER EA LLC. Despite of…

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VIPER Thought Leadership Series #7   By Johnny Custer Ernie Deyle and Monica Woo   Five minute read   Most retailers are fighting for survival during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, more than ever, retailers must bolster cashflow by eliminating operational…

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VIPER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES #6 By Diane Ellis, D.G. Hague, Tom Park and Monica Woo Eight minute read COVID-19 has upended many businesses, especially retailers reliant on brick-and-mortar stores. Most retail executives are fighting to maintain business continuity, or restructure…

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VIPER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP #5   By Matthew Gutermuth, D.G. Hague and Monica Woo Five minute read For omni-channel retailers, curbside pickup of online orders, like direct delivery, is a mandatory service to address the consumers’ shift to online shopping during…

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VIPER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP #4 “OMNI-CHANNEL REGENERATION” By Sarah Palisi Chapin, Matthew Gutermuth, D.G. Hague and Monica Woo Eight minute read Many venerable retail banners are collapsing under the economic turmoil triggered by the pandemic. The retailers that have successfully managed…

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VIPER has created a proven, proprietary Enterprise Acceleration (EA) methodology - which gathers data from throughout the retailer client’s enterprise; then feeds this data into our NV® AI system, leveraging Machine Learning to identify leading performance indicators and predictive models. These models isolate and quantify systemic problems, operational deficiencies, breakdowns in training, and/or execution failures which lead to gaps between business expectations and actual outcomes. Throughout the engagement, VIPER does the heavy lifting; partnering with the client throughout the engagement to determine the root causes of these issues, and to implement best practice solutions. The result is a return of 1%-3% of yearly revenue delivered to bottom line of the P&L.  VIPER’s profit improvements are measurable and isolatable from other company initiatives.

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