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Executive Advisory Board Member

› Gerri brings more than 20 years of experience in executive recruiting and corporate human resource leadership roles to the team. Most recently, Gerri was a Managing Director at Taylor Winfield. Prior to joining Taylor Winfield, Gerri led successful practices in various sectors, including consumer branded goods, retail, foodservice, manufacturing, high-tech consumer products and financial services. Her extensive senior level human resources experience includes leading Fortune 500 Companies PepsiCo, Macy’s and Nations Credit. Gerri chairs our Talent Council.

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VIPER has created a proven, proprietary Enterprise Acceleration (EA) methodology - which gathers data from throughout the retailer client’s enterprise; then feeds this data into our NV® AI system, leveraging Machine Learning to identify leading performance indicators and predictive models. These models isolate and quantify systemic problems, operational deficiencies, breakdowns in training, and/or execution failures which lead to gaps between business expectations and actual outcomes. Throughout the engagement, VIPER does the heavy lifting; partnering with the client throughout the engagement to determine the root causes of these issues, and to implement best practice solutions. The result is a return of 1%-3% of yearly revenue delivered to bottom line of the P&L.  VIPER’s profit improvements are measurable and isolatable from other company initiatives.

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